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"Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacle which one has overcome while trying to succeed" Booker T Washington

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Caribbean Islands Initiative

We have been doing some preliminary work overseas at the Frankfield Primary and Infant School. This includes the completion of its first website. Our plan going forward is to use the Frankfield Primary School for the construction of a prototype learning center consisting of Computer learning center, a media center and a children's laboratory. The web address of the Frankfield School is:

GFUUPSS working in partnership with the Frankfield school, in rural Manchester, Jamaica to build accommodations for the infants at the school.  We care about our young boys and girls...join in our efforts to educate our children. DONATE on line

The Groundbreaking and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the Frankfield Primary and Infant School took place on October 26, 2014.  Your support of this work and other future infrastructure works to be undertaken at the Frankfield School would be appreciated.

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Future Projects Planned

The core of our program, which is designed to meet the non-profit's vision, is to provide similar learning resources to underserved communities as those in the opulent communities. By leveling the playing field, we reduce poverty, hopelessness, crime and promote opportunities for all. We will create an additional pool of skilled and brilliant minds, which otherwise would have been lost. This makes good economic sense as this will increase productivity, and hence better living standards for all.



We have selected the Frankfield School in Manchester, Jamaica as the location of our first initiative program to construct our first prototype learning complex for primary school. Frankfield School represents an ideal school for the project. The staff and students appeared highly motivated and anxiously awaits the completion of this project. The learning center will be the first of learning centers to be built in various countries including the US. The learning center complex will have:

1. A state of the art equipment consisting of a computer training center where students have adequate access to computers and serves as a tool for learning;

2. A library and media center where the students have access to books and serves as a place to exhibit models of engineering and science models. This will give the children an early exposure to many of the building blocks for a modern society and technology on display;

3. And a laboratory building where the students can perform simple science experiments. They will be able to view various objects under the microscope.

We would hope this project can be completed at good competitive cost.


The vision for this learning center is to provide a career building path for young boys and girls at the Primary and Infant School levels, in the engineering disciplines, natural sciences, technology, arts, leadership and sports. A place where the boys and girls are excited about learning, excited to think, explore, be creative and curious about the things around them. It is hoped that this learning center sets a new standard for science, engineering technology and computer skills at the primary school level as we go forward into the 21st century.

Based on the availability of funds, similar project will be offered to the poor and underserved communities schools in Haiti, the United states of America, Great Britain, Africa, the Caribbean Island and South and Central America as funds allows.

We will be asking for supports from international donors to make this a reality.


GFUUPSS will utilize a four (4) step process as follows: initiation, project planning, execution, and implementation to advance our goals. Initiation and launching of a project, takes place after a study has been made by the Board of Directors and the Advisory Board of needs worthiness, cost benefits, location, as well as other factors advanced by the Advisory Board and Board of Directors. Planning and execution will ensure that transparency and accountability are in place and cost containment is one of our main focuses.